DSC_0080 - 2011-12-15 at 00-41-12Documenting health is not just a blog or website or program or workshop, it is a step forward to fill the missing link of visual documentation of health & medicine in India by utilizing the colossal skill and intellect of Indian doctors, who can also stand behind the lens. I perceived this shortcoming of Indian healthcare system throughout the years of my formal training & practice of medicine and during years that I spent in corporate healthcare system. I am blessed enough that I could able to survive last couple of years as a photographer after leaving the healthcare industry, where I received inspiration & guidance from some of the finest photographers of international repute as well as few doctors with whom I worked to sharpen my skills in clinical photography. Probably because of my training both in fine arts and medicine, I could able to connect both of the objectives, but everybody is neither privileged enough to learn both nor they can afford to leave the job or profession to experiment with life for satisfying his dream.

Because of the dearth of any formal provision to cram this genre of photography in India, it took time to learn, to understand the flaws and to develop the skill. It is tiring and really challenging to overcome the obstacles. I am still acquiring and miles to go before I would able to see the altering dawn of medical documentation in India… and only doctors can make that change, I believe.

Thanks for your visit and keep visiting.

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh
Children’s Day, 14-Nov-13
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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